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Better content for users and search engines

Internet users today expect more than a website that provides basic information. They want transparent information, detailed articles with added content value and useful tips that pick them up directly in their individual lifeworld. Whoever presents this content best and publishes it professionally will prevail over the competition in the long term.

What does a good text need?

A good text answers a specific question or gives advice on how to solve a current problem. The text content always has a concrete added value if the reader has more knowledge after reading it, feels entertained or - and this is the top class - feels the desire to contact your company. 

To this end, we create completely new content or support you in the further development of your existing texts. Benefit from the performance of our experienced editors and copywriters, who will bring your content to the point in a short and concise way, while mastering all facets of modern copywriting and digital storytelling. 

How we design a professional text

Target group-oriented, easy to understand and informative: We transport your brand message ensure texts with these characteristics:

  • Logical outline and structure
  • Clear question and clear solution offer 
  • First-class research and 100% correct content
  • Tonality and semantics for different target groups
  • Additional media such as images, graphics or videos 
  • A concluding conclusion with a call to action

SEO optimized and easy to read 

On a campaign basis, in "daily business" or even for the relaunch of your website: as a professional digital agency, we offer you the entire range of online texts and always hit the right tonality. 

Of course, we also take care to optimize your text for Google, but also for other search engines such as Bing or We never lose sight of the human being as the target group of your texts - a good text must convince a human reader, not a machine. 

Absolute adherence to deadlines, included proofreading and full cost transparency characterize every part of our work for your digital presence. 

Editing and proofreading for web texts

Our experienced proofreaders and editors correct and optimize your web texts to fit your specific needs. We ensure perfect texts without grammar and spelling mistakes. Even if a spelling mistake here and there or a misplaced comma does not prevent your business success, a perfect text simply makes a better impression on your customers and leaves a more positive overall impression. 

Supposed trivialities that don't get corrected can certainly leave a lasting impression. If, for example, a travel provider makes sure in its offer that its guests stop in Poreč and Šibenik on your Croatia trip and not in Porec and Sibenik, then this speaks for the fact that just as much importance is attached to other details of the trip. In this way, you will convince your customers immediately and tangibly of your superior services. 

An excerpt of our services

Analytics / Web Tracking
Analytics / Web Tracking

Better measurement of online successes instead of approximate estimates - 100% data protection compliant and still meaningful.

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Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Being permanently at the top of Google for the right topics thanks to sustainable SEO strategies.

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Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising and marketing enable efficient micro-targeting to avoid wastage.

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Google Ads
Google Ads

Technical know-how and creativity for Google Ads services from analysis to target group.

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