We conceive, design and implement large portals for colleges and universities. We pay particular attention to the highest level of security, scalability and a design optimized for mobile devices.


We offer security


Your university is safe if your website functions independently of your service provider if it complies with all the requirements of low-barrier accessibility and meets the standards of data protection guidelines as well as offering the highest possible technical protection against attacks.


We provide the proof right away - whether it's a PEN test by selected specialists or certification of accessibility: we take care of it.




We offer scalability

Will your event be televised tomorrow? Does the enrollment deadline end in a week? The university presence must be accessible! Do you want to add another faculty? Do you need a new module in cooperation with another university or a company? Flexibility cannot fail because of costs.


TYPO3 has an excellent core. You can do almost anything with standard elements. This guarantees you constantly update and upgrade security. The foundation stone has already been laid.




We offer interfaces


The connection to the Active Directory for the administration of roles and rights via Shibboleth, the integration of dynamic content (e.g. publications, lectures or seminars), contributions from learning systems such as Ilias or Moodle, library data from Oracle or image data from external media databases - SOAP, LDAP or REST: No problem.


Shibboleth / LDAP


One university - many IT systems. So it is helpful if you only have to log in once as a user and can then access all services. Here, too, TYPO3 easily plays in the orchestra of the university systems via single sign-on.



Displaying lecture directories from Moodle in TYPO3, importing lists of people from TYPO3 to Ilias - the intelligent linking of the learning world and the content world offers many possibilities. Let's talk about it

Library / research / third party application


Wherever content from other systems is to be integrated, we build the interface: data protection-compliant and secure, up-to-date and completely searchable. You determine the framework conditions.




We offer mobile


If the student wants to quickly find the contact details of a professor at the bus stop. When the graduate student can sift through the research database at the gym. If thanks to smartphones, students can find their way to the lecture hall on their own on the open day - then your university is mobile. Thanks to responsive design, your university presence will work for every device. And most of all with the relevant content.


We show you intelligent ways how the design process becomes child's play. With Atomic Design, web projects are broken down into the smallest possible components to subsequently become larger units or even complete pages. In order not to lose track of this process, Pattern Lab helps. We create your design live directly. You can try it out almost immediately! You will become part of the process of creating an ideal content strategy and arrangement.

“Mobile First” and “Content First” are relevant paradigms. You want to address your target groups. And together we find the best mix of different content elements.




We offer deployment


Stay independent. We guarantee you that. Benefit from our knowledge in the areas of automation, optimization of operating parameters or the implementation of test procedures starting with TDD and consistently implemented with Selenium tests.


We automate the entire deployment process, minimize risks and thus ensure the robust operation of your web portal. A comprehensive documentation strategy also makes you independent.




We offer migration


Import thousands of pages into a new CMS? Redesign, arrange and structure content? Certainly one of the greatest challenges for universities. A migration concept helps with the content management of structured and unstructured data.


In many cases, automated migration is not the most sensible option. The content is often not only conceptually rearranged, but a relaunch also brings the chance to break free from old braids, to edit texts, to display content in a barrier-free manner and to create new links. Texts on the first level should also be optimized for search engines and at the same time adapted to mobile reading habits. We will help you with this Herculean task and bring in our knowledge of well over 80,000 migrated pages.




We offer agility


Because we will deliver the best possible result in a given period of time and on a fixed budget, we work according to the Scrum project management method. This offers many advantages for your university:


  • More functionality: because the entire effort is used to add value.
  • More flexibility: because everything can be changed at any time in order to find the optimal solution.
  • More transparency: because all information - solutions and problems - are always communicated directly.
  • More security: because prompt communication and performance evaluation at short intervals keep you constantly up to date.
  • Early return on investment: because every project section (sprint) immediately produces partial results that can be used in full.
  • More cost and deadline security: because prioritization means that everything important is completed within the time and budget.




And that's not just theory?


Definitely no. We are specialized in the agile implementation of complex projects and successfully implement them with over 130 passionate employees. Numerous universities and other public institutions will be happy to confirm our punctual and error-free project delivery thanks to Scrum.




Public clients can work according to Scrum?


No problem! Everyone knows the pitfalls of the failed waterfall projects. And there are no contractual difficulties either. A given EVB-IT contract is supplemented by the Scrum guidelines for the implementation of the order.







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