What are the advantages of the World Café method in stakeholder management?


Identify, analyse and communicate, these are the three tasks when companies deal with stakeholders.

Shopware's new licensing model - a comment

Which of the new pricing models suits which users? And how do we value the development as e-commerce experts?

Schalthebel TYPO3 von Version 6 bis 10
Successful upgrade to TYPO3 11 LTS

The University of Erfurt once again is at the forefront!

Important aspects of the Excellence Initiative

External reviewers of an Excellence Initiative expect an international orientation

Introduction of OKR

Every company is different. And thus also any OKR implementation.

OKR - adaptive target management system

Episode 1: The Objectives

Agility: panacea in the complexity jungle?

And what does that have to do with OKR?

Gender, SEO and Usability:

When the quest for equality discriminates

Project Management with Scrum - Part 1

Part 1: The Scrum project management method

Project Management with Scrum - Part 2

Part 2: The role of the product owner on the client side

Project Management With Scrum - Part 3

Part 3: Tips for a successful Product Owner