The powerful visual appearance of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences presents itself with a personal touch and intuitive user guidance. At the first click, students, employees and potential applicants benefit from the high-performance, easy-to-use user interface and the structured menu navigation. The same applies to maintenance and usability by university employees. The enterprise CMS TYPO3 guarantees employees an intuitive creation and maintenance of content in the backend. Without in-depth technical know-how, content can be published on the platform in the form of images, videos or text - technically stable and secure.




  • Quick direct entry into topics thanks to the "Quick Finder"
  • News & social media at a glance in the media wall
  • Lean and customized solution thanks to agile implementation
  • UX-optimized fly-out navigation


About Bochum University

Compared to other universities in the region, Bochum University of Applied Sciences, with around 7,000 students and six departments, has a clear and personal feeling, something that the university is proud of. With a focus on "Construction", "Engineering" and "Business", the training is a professional one in close cooperation with companies in the region.


In the densest university landscape in Europe, the university is recommended as a small, fine and innovative alternative. And communicates this USP visually and in terms of content via the independent online presence.


Orientation meets optics


The Bochum University of Applied Sciences' Internet presence, implemented by +Pluswerk, guides visitors through its online presence in a structured and user-friendly manner. Personal statements and portraits of employees and students give the university a personal touch and differentiate it from average "learning factories". A well-thought-out navigation concept guides the visitor through the content and invites them to examine the informative content.

A quick start directs prospective students to current information on the course in an uncomplicated manner. Filters and landing pages facilitate orientation and increase the user experience. With the first click, students, employees and potential applicants now benefit from a user interface that loads significantly faster and is easier to use, as well as structured menu navigation.


The TYPO3 content management system used guarantees permanent technical stability based on a secure platform. It enables employees to publish or edit images, videos and texts without in-depth know-how.


Efficient project management 


The entire project was designed to be agile and implemented with the help of the Scrum framework in a successful collaboration between +Pluswerk AG and the Bochum University of Applied Sciences. “The Scrum method left a lasting impression on everyone involved. We have already received a lot of positive feedback on the university's successful new website “, says Nobert Dohms, Head of Communication, Innovation and Transfer at Bochum University, praising the cooperation with +Pluswerk AG. Despite the large number of people involved in the project, a digital, tailor-made solution was ultimately developed that meets the requirements of the users and contributes to the long-term success of the educational institution's presentation.









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