Digital strategy - achieve your goals in a planned manner

Online marketing plays a very important role in the digitalization that is currently taking place. Now is the time for companies to act, so as not to miss the current trends that will put it on the path to success. This is exactly where our digital strategy comes in and helps your company with a clear roadmap for the digital future.

We offer you the creation of a comprehensive digital strategy, tailored to your company. To this end, we rely on close cooperation, using a wide variety of analyzes and workshops, understanding your target group and addressing them at the right time using a wide variety of means.

The basis for a successful digital strategy


What opportunities does the market offer - current trends in digital marketing


At the beginning of the digital strategy, we summarize relevant trends and their significance for you and your industry. These can be very future-oriented topics such as voice search or augmented reality, but also topics or methods that are already well established in the market such as storytelling and mobile web.


Personas - a digital strategy close to the target group


The best digital strategy will not help your company to succeed unless it addresses the right target groups. In order to achieve this goal, we work with you to create fictional people, so-called personas, which reflect the different characters of your target groups. Each persona contains a wide variety of characteristics such as:


  • Age, marital status, etc.
  • Profession and hobbies
  • Preferences and expectations
  • Points of contact and interests
  • and much more


These personas are indispensable for a successful digital strategy and form the basis for the definition of appropriate measures and the later procedure in the course of further creation of a comprehensive digital strategy that is close to target groups.


Recording and evaluation of the current state


Based on an inventory analysis, the existing presences of your company are recorded in the digital strategy and evaluated accordingly. This includes current appearances such as websites, apps, social media channels, etc. Based on this current state, it is possible to define additional measures and to optimize the work process on specific topics. If there are no important appearances for the company at this point in time, these will be listed later and corresponding recommendations for action made in the digital strategy.

The core of the digital strategy - the customer journey


At its core, the digital strategy accompanies a customer's digital journey to your company, product or service and beyond. The data previously obtained in the digital strategy come together at this point and form the basis for all further measures.


With our digital strategy, you will receive the optimal combination of opportunities for your company to meet the customers at the right time on a wide variety of platforms, matching the various sections of a customer journey.

Not just bare theory - Recommendations for action as part of the digital strategy


In addition, with our digital strategy, we provide various “best practice” examples and recommendations for action that are individually tailored to your company. At the end of the day, you will have a document in your hand that provides you with comprehensive information on the current status of your company, the target groups and the necessary measures.


The digital strategy thus forms the perfect basis for your company's future digital marketing. We are happy to accompany you as a digital agency even after the creation of a digital strategy and we are at your side with a wide range of services in the areas of the corporate website,social media marketing or search engine optimization and search engine advertising.

Google Ads
Google Ads

As a Google Ads agency, we offer you an extensive SEA offer, from strategy to keyword analysis to measurable results.


No relevant rankings in Google? Take action - you will lose customers! We offer you a wide range of services from analysis and optimization to informative reports in the field of SEO.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Words that connect. As a social media agency, we offer you a wide variety of services on online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more. Use the potential of social media for your company too.


With good web tracking, you are in control. Regardless of whether you are setting up a new web tracking system or analyzing your needs - we will be happy to support you and help you to better understand your customers!





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