Understand users thanks to efficient web tracking

What use do have the best advertisements if it is not measured whether they are also financially worthwhile? What use does have changes in an app if you can't check whether users are interacting with new elements as hoped? And what use do have changes to a website if it is not possible to analyze where users come from, how users move around the website and what they are looking for on the page? The answer is obvious. Almost nothing!

Efficient web tracking not only offers valuable insights about visitors to your own website or app but also how it interacts with it and reveals potential problems and opportunities.

Unimagined Possibilities


Anyone who dares to dive into the depths of web tracking will be surprised at the almost limitless possibilities. Be it measuring the scrolling depth of users on a certain landing page or manually setting cookies through the Google Tag Manager. The tracking options extend to the smallest detail.


Not only your own website or app benefit greatly from the use of good web tracking. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn also play out one of your strengths here. With correct implementation of the Facebook pixel, it is possible, for example, to address the visitors of your website again using remarketing via the social network. The same works, of course, via Google Ads.


However, Google Ads goes a step further here. Thanks to even more extensive targeting, it is possible to display ads to people who have pressed a certain button or spent a certain amount of time on a landing page. It should be noted that this is only a small selection of the options for good web tracking because the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Web Tracking Deluxe - Everything under control


As great as the chances of web tracking are, the correct implementation is unfortunately just as demanding. In order to avoid data loss or wrong decisions, we offer you the full range of services in the field of web tracking. We check your current tracking for errors or potential for improvement, work with you to set up a completely new web tracking system or provide your shop with e-commerce tracking, which gives you full control over all information.


Of course we will help you, even if you do not yet know exactly what kind of web tracking can help you. Do not miss your chance to understand your own customers better and thus to reach them better!

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