The letter "M" is not only capitalized in the logo of the Städtischen Werken Magdeburg. The service provider for energy, mobility and water supply is known in the state capital for its fresh, unbureaucratic appearance and close ties to the region. This is also reflected in the relaunch of the new website. +pluswerk adapted the modern CI with a large proportion of images and the color separation of product and corporate communication for the digital branding


Technically up-to-date thanks to TYPO3 10, the new website makes it easier for editors to maintain the content on a daily basis. Among other things, this is ensured by the integrated central contact person management and easy-to-use modules for updating FAQs and downloads.





  • UX-optimized front end for tariff calculator and customer portal
  • Central contact management
  • High-performance enterprise search
  • Magazine section with attractive imagery and video integration


About the SW Magdeburg


From Magdeburg - for Magdeburg. As a major energy service provider in the region, Magdeburg Municipal Works have their place in the heart of the state capital. And not only thanks to the move to the new, architecturally distinctive company headquarters in the center of Magdeburg.


The company moves the city - as an important employer, promoter of e-mobility and a committed partner in sport and culture. The company tackled the challenges of digital change at an early stage - and thanks to smooth and professional cooperation with the +pluswerk locations in Munich, Cluj and Magdeburg, it also implemented a website relaunch at an (agile) sprint pace.


Concept & design

The UX specialists paid particular attention to optimizing the front-end of the online services: The interface of the tariff calculator and customer portal - both SAP based - have been improved with a view to user-friendliness. A lightning-fast enterprise search and the tidy navigation lead the fastest way to the content you are looking for.


The company and magazine section invites you to read with bold imagery and exciting stories. Edited articles provide information about SW Magdeburg's commitment to the region and the environment. Large tiles and a clear icon language also ensure the best orientation and usability on the smartphone.


A "tool box" enables the visitor to access frequently used offers at any time without having to leave the current page.

Solution and technical implementation


  • Technical implementation in TYPO3 10
  • Solr Enterprise Search
  • Front-end optimization SAP customer portal
  • Online "tool box" with permanent access
  • Integrated tariff calculator







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